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Ren ([personal profile] renface) wrote2010-03-05 06:48 pm
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A Good Day

Yay, thanks to [personal profile] temaris I finally have an account.
In theory I'm going to use this mostly for [community profile] scans_daily posting and commenting, but I figure I can repost my Blogger stuff as well.

I have had a good and very successful day. Firstly a good scriptwriting class. My outline and premise had some decent feedback; it's onto the script and pitch now. Instead of a lunch break I participated in a flash mob with the Performing Arts students making a giant game of human Snake. In the afternoon I had a Poetry/Prose class, where I gave a presentation on narrative voice in Terry Pratchett's Discworld, and looked at the forms of the sonnet, triolet and pantoum. As I didn't feel upto writing a sonnet just yet I opted for a triolet and pantoum, which were received well.

Good times. Whee.